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Delegate the Task?

In order to be successful, leaders need to learn to delegate some of their work to free up time to do the important, high level, more strategic work that requires their level of skill, experience, business savvy, sensitivity, etc.

When you look at the tasks on your “to do” list, ask yourself: (1) “Is this task something only I can do?”; and (2) “Is it the best use of my time?”  If the answer to either of these questions is “no”, find someone you trust to whom you can delegate the task!

I learned this lesson from the CEO of a company I worked for. Invest and develop employees who have high potential and integrity. Keep employees who are good at what they do and have integrity. Investigate and decide course of action on employees who have high potential but questionable integrity. Act on removing quickly employees who have no integrity regardless their level of potential.

You could always replace talents and skills. Integrity is not negotiable.