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How to Communicate Your Job Search Game Plan
Before launching a job search, it is important to have a clear picture of “what” you want to do next, and equally important, “why” you want to do it. Clear, focused objectives not only inspire and energize you, but help you to begin to identify your “target” audience and industry(ies), decide “how” to present yourself, and focus your efforts (including how, with whom and where you should network) in order to maximize your chances of finding that ideal role. It will undoubtedly help those inclined to assist you in your search when you clearly articulate what it is you want and need. It will be more rewarding for them, as they will know that they have truly supported you, and you will be more productive and gain more from each interaction… a “win/win” for all!

Be An Effective Communicator
Effective communication is at the foundation of all relationships.  We each have our own natural communication style that is most comfortable for us and that we believe works well for us.  But, if we are honest, we know that is not always the case!  To be a truly effective communicator, it is important to adjust your natural style to more closely match that of the person with whom you wish to communicate.  To improve your communication, learn to read another’s style and adjust yours as needed (e.g., speak slowly, socialize, take your time or, alternatively, be quick, direct, all business).  You get the idea…one size definitely does NOT fit all!