With time being your most precious asset, how can you most efficiently and effectively build and nurture your network to grow your business? Tending to your professional network is one of the most important things you can do as an executive because you depend on your network to provide you with a wealth of benefits: ideas, skills, feedback, new business and much more.

Our experienced team works with your firm, both on an individual basis and group/team, to execute what is learned in the training. We customize our approach to fit your needs and culture, taking the time to understand your business needs and provide you with a plan and the tools needed to execute it.‚Äč

Establish a High-Value Network

Learn how to use professional and social groups to establish and enhance your network.

Identify Rewarding Relationships

Determine high value contacts so time and resources are spent primarily on pursuing relationships with the most potential.

Personalize Your UVP

Personalize your unique value proposition and effectively communicate this differentiator with your network.

Personal and Team Strengths

Identify personal and team strengths and use these to your advantage when dealing with existing and potential clients.

Engage Your Network

Learn the most effective ways to engage your network, how often you should reach out to them, and how you can add value with each communication.

Network Value

Assign value to your contacts to turn your professional network into business.

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