SoftOneIT was founded to make things happen… to provide outstanding career management strategies and counseling, and professional assessment, to senior executives in transition. We also provide executive coaching and leadership development for corporate executives seeking to optimize their skills to further advance their careers within their current organization.

Our nationally recognized executive services are specifically tailored to enhance the unique strengths, personal qualities, leadership characteristics and special talents that differentiate one executive from the next.  Our mission is you—to maximize the unique qualities of each client in transition, executives contemplating a career change, and successful men and women looking to advance their careers within their current organization.

Together—client and consultant—we reinforce self worth, self-confidence, and the skills needed to identify and secure—internally or externally—a successful career that is truly meaningful and satisfying.

SoftOneIT is committed to helping senior executives successfully manage their careers and improve their leadership capabilities. Regardless of whether they are in transition or seeking to improve their performance within their current organization, SoftOneIT has the expertise and experience to significantly enhance their career paths.

For clients in transition, our strength is unparalleled, high touch assistance and guidance in identifying career objectives and maximizing opportunities. In our executive coaching and leadership development practice our niche is an objective and personalized coaching approach which helps identify, develop, and activate current and future leaders. This dual strategy results in highly successful career and talent management for our clients and their organizations.”




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